Attractions in The Area

There is so much to see and do around Schwarzwald! Take your time to click through the slider to see a glimpse of some of the wonderful things to experience during your stay with us here at Schwarzwalder Family Resort! If you want to see more detail about one of the items you see in the slideshow, just click on the picture to go to their website !

  • Europa Park
    Europa Park
    Wild rides ! Great Shows ! Europa Park is the biggest amusement park in Schwarzwald. It's only an hour and a half drive from Schwarzwalder Family Resort. A place where the whole family can enjoy themselves thoroughly! Check the website for all the details!
  • Palais Thermal
    Palais Thermal
    Schwarzwalder Family Resort is located only 13 kilometers from Europe's Number 1 wellness facility, Palais Thermal. With indoor and outdoor pools and spa's, luxurious massages and various sauna and steam rooms, Palais Thermal has it all for a rejuvenating wellness experience.
  • Salzkristallgrotte Bad Wildbad
    Salzkristallgrotte Bad Wildbad
    Therapeutic Salt Crystal Caves in Bad Wildbad! Relax and enjoy the Caves made of Himalayan Salt-Rock that is millions of years old. With floors of Dead-Sea salt it's a place to remember and enjoy. It's great therapy for people with asthma or other lung problems, but its also a beautiful environment to relax in.
  • Adventure Park Enzklosterle
    Adventure Park Enzklosterle
    Not for the fainthearted! Adventure Park Enzklosterle is the Guinness World Record holder for their 7 parcours with different difficulty levels, over 400 meters of zip-line fun and one of the highest free-fall experiences in Germany. This is an adventure not to be forgotten and is located 10 kilometers from Schwarzwalder Family Resort!
  • Baumwipfelpad Bad Wildbad
    Baumwipfelpad Bad Wildbad
    This 40 meter tower offers a 360 degree birds-eye-view over the treetops of Schwarzwald. Walk up the winding tower and get the best view of the Black Forest area, then slide down the 40 meter winding slide back to the bottom. A must-see in Schwarzwald, the Baumwipfelpad is open year round and located only 15 minutes from Schwarzwalder Family Resort
  • Skizentrum Enzklosterle
    Skizentrum Enzklosterle
    2 lifts and varying difficulty levels offer ski and snowboard fun for everyone at Skizentrum Enzklosterle! 1200 meters of downhill skiing fun for the whole family! Skizentrum Enzklosterle is only one of many downhill ski slopes only a few minutes drive from Schwarzwalder Family Resort.
  • Sommerbergbahn
    Baden Württembergs highest cable car system has connected the town of Bad Wildbad with the Sommerberg for 100 years. Take a ride 300 meters above the valley to the highest plateau of the summer mountain. A great experience for young and old!
  • Riesen-Rutschbahn Enzklosterle Poppeltal
    Riesen-Rutschbahn Enzklosterle Poppeltal
    Seewald Freizeit Park located only minutes from Schwarzwalder Family Resort is fun for the whole family. With a 1500 meter toboggan downhill toboggan run, the Riesen-Rutschbahn is fun for the whole family. But that's not all! There are trampolines, water bumper boats, a great restaurant and more! Don't miss this in the summertime!
  • Kurpark Bad Wildbad
    Kurpark Bad Wildbad
    It's development started in 1669 and the Kurpark has become a vast and beautiful natural park of around 35 hectares, with 15 kilometers of trails on both sides of the Enz River. Beautiful flower gardens to be viewed in the summer, great restaurants and a place for children to feed the ducks and swans. Only a few minutes drive from Schwarzwalder Family Resort, Kurpark is a place to see no matter what time of year.
  • Adventure Golf Park Enzklosterle
    Adventure Golf Park Enzklosterle
    Adventure Golf Park is walking distance from Schwarzwalder Family Resort! 3000 square meters and 18 different parcours of miniature golf fun for the whole family. Even the best mini golfers will get a run for their money at Adventure Golf Park !
  • Steakhouse Viva Mi&Si
    Steakhouse Viva Mi&Si
    Steakhouse Viva Mi&Si in Baiersbronn is without a doubt the place to be for steaks and burgers. Viva Mi&Si imports their meat directly from the United States. The Buffalo Burgers are made from the free range buffalo that roam the vast plains of Omaha Nebraska! You haven't had a burger or a steak until you've had it from Steakhouse Viva Mi&Si !!


  • Experimenta
    Experimenta is exactly what it sounds like. A museum where all sorts of experiments can be tried. Fun and educational for the whole family. Click on the picture to go to the website and see what it's all about ! 25 minutes drive from Schwarzwalder Family Resort !
  • Fahrzeug Museum Marxzell
    Fahrzeug Museum Marxzell
    In Marxzell you can go to the awesome Fahrzeug Museum and get a true blast from the past! The museum has just about everything displayed from the " old days" and is truly a sight worth seeing. Everywhere around you is a true piece of history, from oldtimer cars and motorcycles, to alarmclocks and tools. You won't believe your eyes! A true cool place to go !
  • Museum in the Old Palace Altensteig
    Museum in the Old Palace Altensteig
    Today the Old Palace in Altensteig houses a museum with a permanent exhibition on the history of the region. Typical Black Forest professions, such as rafters, Gerber and silver, are represented. Altensteig was once an important center of the leather production and leather processing. It is locted only 10 minutes by car from Schwarzwalder Family Resort
  • Museum Wildberg
    Museum Wildberg
    The Wild Berger Museum is located in the former convent Fruchtkasten Reuthin. It offers visitors a chronological tour of the history of the town Wildberg. In addition to presenting the history of the monastery Reuthin the museum shows mainly the areas of textile production and the cultural history of clothing in rural areas. This includes the presentation of weaving in Wildenberg of the 18th century, when a large part of the population worked as a textile worker for the Calwer Zeughandelscompanie.